Finally! A Simple Way To Budget and Save Money…Without Stressing

Create a Simplified Household Budget

Are you struggling to create a basic budget for your household expenses?

Trying to figure out how to prepare for your children’s college saving?

Are you not sure how to start retirement planning?

Saving money actually happens…

The Challenge

Some of the businesses and banking institution in the community offer financial guidance as their customers request it, unfortunately that does not cover the substantial number of economically challenged families without that type of established banking relationship.

The Opportunity

Personal Finance Plus Foundation builds on an established model and method creating fundamental personal financial literacy programs that meets the need of families and individuals.

The Approach

Our program starts with identifying goals and setting objectives for the family or individual. Decision making skills are taught and when implemented, Key Performance Indicators help determine the success from the decisions.

Impacting Families and Communities

Personal Finance Plus Foundation will provide for our communities:

  • Local Outreach teams able to nurture personal financial literacy programs in our community venues on a consistent basis.
  • Basic personal financial supplies for participants use to fully benefit from the programs and continue to use as management tools.
  • Tailored and prioritized personal financial life plans in accordance with the milestones and specific objectives.
  • Introduction to the importance of saving to teens and youths to establish personal finance skills at an early age.

Your Support Will Promote Financial Literacy in the Community