Show Me the Money Making Apps

When faced with tasks that are difficult, we search for a way to make them less challenging. Fortunately we researchers and implementers with the foresight to understand what we need before we do and they create solutions. The thing that we have casually nicknamed apps, short for application, is the shortcut to making our difficult tasks easier. I want to share some of my favorite money making apps from two categories: making money and managing money.

Money Making Apps that Fit Your Lifestyle

Rakuten formally known as Ebates is a great money making app for bargain shoppers. Download the extension to your desktop and smartphone. When shopping online with an affiliated store, a percentage of the purchase will be refunded back to you. The refund can range from 1% to 15% and occasionally there are special promotions when the percentage is doubled. Your “Big Fat Check” is mailed to you every three months as long as you have earned $5.01 or more. Rakuten offers a way to earn money when you spend money on purchases from certain retailers.

User Testing is a very good app where you can make money for completing surveys. You may have heard of similar sites that pay you in points but User Testing takes its app to the next level and pays cash for your opinion. User Testing requires a completed profile that provides insight to determine which surveys align with you. You will speak your opinion on various topics using your computer’s microphone. This information is recorded for actual companies; it’s almost like a mini focus group of one. Payment will be credited after you upload your response.

I will mention that you may not qualify for surveys immediately, but don’t get discouraged. Be honest with your screener answers. When you do qualify for the first one and the feedback meets the standards, other surveys that you qualify for seems to come along more often. It is a great way to give input from the consumer’s perspective and make some extra cash.

Money Making Apps that Budget for You

Every Dollar is a free beginner budgeting tool that can help quickly set up a budget to work towards your personal financial goals. It’s free to sign up and fairly easy to follow. It is a basic budget and starts with the simplified budgeting techniques using the 50/20/30 Rule and Zero Based budget with 7 Baby Steps. It offers the ability to track monthly income and expenses and the ability to link your accounts if you upgrade to the Plus version. This app is for the user to get use to the process of understanding how to budget and track expenses.

Mint by Intuit is a more advanced free money management program that links all financial information into one central location. The dashboard provides a view of banks, credit cards, investment accounts. Mint has partnered with Zillow it even provides a home valuation. Once the user signs in, Mint will sync and categorize transactions and can provide a quick view of bills that are due.

Mint will create a completely customizable budget and provides the user with spending trends with a comparison on how much should be spent. Significantly, all Mint users receive their free credit score with credit report information updated from Equifax. Mint allows users more options to become deeply involved in managing and understanding their personal financial goals and direction.

What Do You Think?

What other money making apps do you use to help you budget? Comment below!