How to Boss Your Holidays

The holidays are upon us and as you are getting into the holiday spirit remember, you are the Boss, and you are in control.

This includes your home, finances, social life and time. You decide what goes on in it, how much to spend, who to allow around and when to say “no”.

Holidays are to be enjoyed with family and friends as you designate. Allowing your life to be controlled by someone else’s needs and desires is not a healthy recipe and has a very good chance of taking away from your happiness. Set the standard for your lifestyle and how you manage your holidays with these 4 simple rules.

Respect Your Home as Your Sanctuary

The comfortable place you have made reflect the most intimate parts of your life, your family, your thoughts and upbringing and are felt every time someone enters your home.

Guidelines are established so the harmonious feeling you’ve immersed in over the years can remain. This may have been instituted by having guests call before coming over or making sure guests are greeted with refreshments when they visit. Whatever you decide just know that you can because it is your home and you live there.

Gift Giving Does Not Equate to Overspending

Gift giving has always been a way to let someone know you care and appreciate them and their presence in your life. Let personalizing the gift fall within your guidelines based on what you can comfortably afford and what you want them to feel upon receiving it.

Gift giving should fall within the preset budget you have approved for the holidays. Unexpected guests do not expect gifts, however, prepare for the unexpected. In my family, our tree always included extra  simple gifts for families. If they were not given out, they would make another appearance under the tree the following year.

Socialize Sensibly

The holidays are one of the best opportunities to spend time with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while or visiting from out of town. You want to have the best moments filled with quality time until you meet again. You may make promises to reconnect during the year with hopes of being able to follow through.

Re-establishing those connections can have a positive impact on expanding your social life while establishing goals for the new year. Approach your social life with passion and logic. Use the time wisely to create memories.

“No” Doesn’t Have to be a Dirty Word

Every day we work to live within a financial budget, set goals that inspire toward greatness and commit to living our best life. With life moving in a progressive direction, be aware that it does come with limits. Not restrictions, not ignoring, not inconsideration just limits.

This is the time you realize when to say “no” for your benefit. With the New Year upon us strive to do and be better. Live life, love you and always looking forward.

Have an amazing Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Sincerely, Joy