Is Being Debt Free Possible?

We often place being debt free in the faraway place that we want to get to one day but just can’t get clear directions to. As wonderful as it seems, rest assured it’s possible. We only need the correct directions, and a big part of that is our state of mind.

Becoming debt free will take time and perseverance.

We didn’t accumulate all our debt overnight, therefore unless we become the recipient of a huge amount of money unexpectedly, our debt will not be leaving overnight.

Being debt free is not a rarity; however, it requires pointed and distinguished actions.

4 Simple Methods to Become Debt Free

Be Shrewd and Disciplined

The decision to take on debt is owned by you alone. You make the decision to use that credit card or purchase that new car for reasons of your own. Outside forces should not be the determination or motivation to spend money you currently do not have, always make it your decision.

Getting out of debt will require staying with your plan every day, each week, month and year. Being committed to regular scheduled payments while not increasing your debt amount sets the standard to stay the course.

Goal Driven and Non-Materialistic goes Hand in Hand

Always identify what you want your financial life to look like so you can create the plan to create it. Once goals have been achieved, mark them off your list then add a new one and be S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound) when setting them.

Make a hard line in the sand with “needs and wants” when making purchases. Establish the clear intent for the purchase and avoid purchases to “amass stuff”. Keep your budget in view and respect what it means to your life.

With Responsibility comes Patience

This brings in the practice to live below your means…not at them and not above them.

Your established budget offers everything you need to live while eliminating purchases that would require creating debt. You have established your standard of living to ensure unnecessary spending is kept at bay.

Recognize and accept this will take time.

Your commitment to your vision weighs more than immediate gratification of that would interfere with your long-term goal of being debt free.

Confidence and Success to Becoming Debt Free

With your focus on the debt free lifestyle prize, you can feel the progress and take a sense of pride of your dedication. Plan on how to continue a debt free status by monitoring the use of cash versus credit card and saving for major purchases.

You are living to maintain your newfound financial freedom and planning for your family’s future.

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Stay focused, continue living by your budget and share what has been a success for you.

Invest in You.