What We Do

Personal Finance Plus Foundation offers personal finance educational programs that assist with life management guidance and decisions. The program is tailored for each client’s individual life consideration and is managed to be completed at each person’s pace. Initial evaluations are designed to work with every life style and with progression, will continue to achieve periodic goals and personal achievements. Upon completion, our client will possess an overall understanding and clearer view for making fiscal decisions and the financial results.

How We Do It

The Initial Evaluation is the foundation to determine the current status of our client. The goals are added to provide the overall view of where they are then where they want to be.

We identify which Key Performance Indicators to monitor and implement for success. Achievement goals are set and met for the duration of the program which coincides with the ultimate end position our client has identified as the “End Goals”. Each goal is discussed and any necessary adjustments are made to ensure success.

What Our Clients Receive

Our clients will receive one-on-one consultations with a qualified representative to discuss the initial evaluation which will identify goals and lifestyle needs.

A personal financial life plan will be designed and prioritized in accordance with the milestones set specific to our client’s objectives. Strategies will be introduced along with training needed to attain sound tiers of recognition and achievements. Adjustments and updates will be discussed then implemented to maintain a view of the complete financial plan. Expert guidance and encouragement will be provided with timely responses to ensure each client receives the personal finance educational commitment.

How You Qualify

Our clients come from our community because we hold our community in high regard with a dedicated goal of economic improvement. You must have the desire and the commitment to improve your level of financial literacy and acumen. Our client will embrace the confidence to implement the plan tailored specifically for their detailed goals and achievements. Finally, our clients will receive constant support Personal Finance Plus Foundation provides whenever needed regardless of how major or minor the request is.