Career and Family Development

The second stage of the financial life cycle is preparing for retirement during a person’s later working years (approximately ages 45 through 65). The focus may also be on upgrading career skills, improving earnings prospects, moving to a larger home, building a college fund for children, increasing insurance protection and retirement savings.

It is very important during this phase that individuals have a firm understanding of how much savings they will need to make it through retirement comfortably. This is also the ideal time to think about how any unexpected health emergencies will be paid for, and how much additional money will be needed to support other benefits of retirement. Additional sources of retirement income to consider range from Social Security, personal savings and pension plans.

This Program Will Cover:

All About FAFSA     

Understanding Your Credit Score     

Credit Cards and How Best to Use Them     

Budgeting for Major Purchases     

How to Pay Down Debt

Preparing for Home Ownership

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