Retire and Relax

The third phase of the financial life cycle can be very comfortable for those who have adequately saved for it. This period is often characterized by a desire to enjoy a busy lifestyle filled with travel, entertainment and other leisure activities. While individual spending patterns vary widely, many new retirees experience an increase in discretionary spending in order to pay for these activities. At this point, the focus switch from accumulating more wealth to monitoring financial health to ensure you are not spending more than you have coming in.

The average person is beginning to think about what will become of assets when they’re gone. During this stage, individuals begin to think seriously about estate distribution and gifting, choosing a financial power of attorney, and ensuring that their affairs are put together as they wish.

This Program Will Cover:

Preparing for Retirement

Life Insurance Simplified

The Role of a Will

Your Legal Decisions

Senior Perks for Retirement

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