Financial Literacy Programs

Our program starts with identifying goals and setting objectives for the family or individual. The evaluation information is used to create financial paths tailored specifically for each individual lifestyle. Milestones and achievements are thoroughly reviewed and agreed upon which initiates the decision making process. Decision making skills are taught and when implemented key performance indicators help determine the success from the decisions.

The Financial Life Cycle Program

Our program lineup includes:

Fiscally Fit – Introduction and Financial Check Up

An introduction to understanding how financial literacy impact daily life

Your First Job, Here’s What to do Next

Provides first job insight and expectations and suggest best practices

Budgeting from Beginning to Success

Steps to setting up a personal budget and making it work for your lifestyle

Understanding Your Credit Score

Learning the components that make up the credit score and how to manage them

Credit Cards and How Best to Use Them

What they mean, when to apply and how to manage them

Preparing for Home Ownership

Steps toward home ownership, best practices and when to apply

All About FAFSA

What is is, where, when, how to apply, responsibilities for repayment

Saving for Major Purchases

How to budget for them and how to pay them off

Basics about Entrepreneurship

Pros and cons of starting a business

Talking About Retirement

When to consider retirement and how to plan

Life Insurance Simplified    

An evaluation of your current life insurance position 

How to Pay Down Debt  

A review of the household debt position and payoff options

The Role of a Will

Understanding the role a will plays now for the future

Your Decisions

Decisions on power of attorney, medical decisions, estates, etc.

Senior Perks for Retirement

Discounts, incentives, and senior perks

Program Planning and Timeline

Our programs are designed to cover a wide range of fields to match the participant’s goals, experience and knowledge level. Participants will be provided three months to complete the program. At this time, the achievements will be reviewed and the determination will be given to ensure the participant has established the literacy as outlined in their financial plan.

All program participants receive a Personal Finance Plus Foundation bag which contains all the tools needed for progressing through each topic.